Customized Dog Training Services in Orland Park, IL

Hire a reliable dog trainer at a reasonable price. At Bobby’s UltiMutt Dog Training, we think having a well-behaved dog shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Hire Bobby’s UltiMutt Dog Training to receive customized dog training services that fit your needs in terms of both price and lifestyle. In Orland Park, IL, we give a range of lessons. For all breeds, we provide effective dog training services. A few of our services are listed below:

Dog Sitting With A Celebration Hat
Bobby Training His Dog To Sit
Bobby With A Dog In His Back

Private Lessons

For our private dog training lessons, we come to you and get to know you and your dog. Our visits last about an hour. During this time, we will work together with you and your dog so he will behave in a manner that suits your lifestyle.

Day Training

Choosing day training allows you to drop your dog off so we can work with him all day, both inside and outside. We train around other people and dogs in our home to build social skills and obedience. Additionally, we will give you a 45-minute meeting and training session to cover the day’s events. We will also go over any homework you may have.

Dog Sitting On The Top Of A Car
Two Dogs Playing

Group Training

Your dog will have to go through private lessons or day training sessions before we can introduce him to the group. We perform activities to apply the lessons and training we have covered to ensure your dog is at his best under various circumstances.